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Goldfish Facts

Goldfish are fascinating creatures! Goldfish lovers are never tired of learning new goldfish facts!

Goldfish are interesting and lively pets that make great companions. The intricate behavior patterns of goldfish can provide the goldfish enthusiast with many hours of pleasure.

Your goldfish are sentient beings and it is your responsibility to gather all the information and goldfish facts needed to provide them with good care. Make sure you always learn as much as possible about the proper care of goldfish.

Goldfish Facts and Trivia

goldfish facts & trivia
  • Goldfish can live for many years. The average lifespan of goldfish is about 10 years, but many have been known to live as long as 25 years!
  • Goldfish come in several colors and patterns. Most common goldfish are orange in color (with a golden shin that gives them their name). However, goldfish can also be silver, white, blue, black or have different color combinations - you can even have calico goldfish.
  • Goldfish are believed to be the most popular pet in the world - more popular than cats or dogs!
  • All Goldfish, no matter what breed or color, descend from the Asian Carp fish. The resemblance can be recognized especially when you look at the largest type of goldfish - the Koi goldfish.
  • There are several breeds of goldfish. The most popular (and cheapest) is the common goldfish. Other breeds include Commet goldfish, Oranda goldfish, Ranchu goldfish, Celestial goldfish, Fantail Goldfish, Lionhead goldfish (seen in the photo on this page) and more...
  • Goldfish interact with each other and with their human caregivers as well. Many goldfish owners attest to the fact that their goldfish know them and recognize them when they approach the tank.
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