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Choosing The Goldfish Aquarium Tank

Goldfish need enough space and should have a well-equipped aquarium. The tank should contain at least 10 gallons of water per goldfish, even more if your fish are larger than average. It should also have enough water-surface to accommodate your fish - that is why a box-shaped tank is better than a fish bowl.

As a rule of thumb, goldfish shouldn't live in a bowl. While a large bowl may be suited for a small betta fish, it is usually too small for a goldfish. Goldfish need enough room to swim around. A single goldfish may grow to be up to 10 inches long, and goldfish like some company, so you should keep at least two of them together. A bowl is also difficult to clean and won't accommodate filters and other equipment.

You have to decide where to place your goldfish aquarium well before you set it up. Moving a full aquarium is not only difficult, it may actually crack the tank. Make sure that the goldfish aquarium is placed on a sturdy piece of furniture. When full of water, gravel, equipment, it is going to be quite heavy! If in doubt, buy a designated aquarium stand. The chosen location should be near an electrical outlet, but in a place where splashing water won't cause any harm. Don't forget to place your goldfish aquarium where you and your guests can watch and admire your goldfish.

Refer to the other pages in this section for more information about water filters and air pump, heating and lighting, water plants and gravel and decorations.

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