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Goldfish and Aquarium Plants

goldfish plants

Adding live aquarium plants to your goldfish aquarium may seem like a good idea, but you may want to consider plastic aquarium plants instead, especially in the early stages of your goldfish aquarium. Goldfish are notorious for uprooting and eating aquarium plants. Decaying aquarium plants, as well as digested aquarium plant parts, may cause a dangerous rise in ammonia levels in your goldfish aquarium.

Also, live aquarium plants often come with uninvited guests. Water snails that come attached to the plants (either adult water snails or tiny larvae). The snails can multiply in your goldfish aquarium and cause a real problem.

There is such a wide selection of beautiful artificial aquarium plants. It is highly advisable to start with those as decorations for your goldfish aquarium. Down the road, when your goldfish aquarium is well established, you may consider introducing some live aquarium plants. Learning to take proper care of live aquarium plants is a subject for a website in its own right...

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